Saturday, September 5, 2009

When past fucks catch up with you...

At a Sydney event I recently found myself talking to three guys, all reasonably hot. Two of them left for home after a short while, but one of them stayed on. As the drinks flowed, the third hot guy and I went through our brief bios - you know, a more elaborate version of what you put on your Manhunt profile. His went like this:

"Currently unemployed, wannabe actor, lived in the States, was a lawyer, and claimed to have semi famous friends." (Sydney is all about name dropping. If you're not somebody then you're nobody, unless of course you know somebody else who's at least something slightly more than a nobody. You follow me?)

The guy was nice enough, hot enough, fit enough, but at 46 he was at the upper limit of my "Yes, let'sfuck" age range. Halfway through delivering my brief bio, the guy cuts me short and says:

"Oh my god, I think I've slept with you before."

In this instance, we were both revealed as hardened sluts; neither of us were overly bothered that we hadn't recognised each other. Nonplussed, we asked a few more questions ("Do you have a blue light in your bedroom? I fucked you, right? It was the weekend after this party yeah?"). Yes, yes, and yes. Sure enough, just under five years ago my cock was pumping in and out of his arse.

The most harrowing part of this encounter wasn't that I had forgotten a random I'd fucked (if there's a gay man reading this who can remember every single one of their past fucks I'll be surprised). Rather, it was the thought that I'd already come full circle in Sydney, a town which I'd imagined to be a bottomless pit of hot, horny guys just gagging to get their rocks off.

Soon after this revelation, my interest in this guy dried up and so too did the conversation. I said a polite goodbye (after all, when you've stuck your dick inside someone else then you do owe them at least a bit of common courtesy) and left.

It's a small world after all. But don't let that get to you. Here's a hot guy to take your mind off things.

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